August 17-19, 2018 will be our annual retreat weekend...

Registration is now open for Men's Nude Yoga summer retreat August 17 - 19th.  For those of us that attended last years retreat, it was a weekend that keeps coming into our minds, reminding us that a community that fosters brotherhood is vital for our emotional wellbeing as Men.

A gift back to the men in our yoga community. 

Where is the retreat held?

As in past years the retreat will be held at Dancing Shiva, a neighborhood in an Eco-village in Black Mountain, NC. 

Men will gather on Friday, August 17th afternoon. We will share our meals, our thoughts, brotherhood and our love for each other, closing on Sunday August 19th with a deeper sense of understanding and appreciation of each other.

At this time... registration is open to men that regularly practice yoga with us and can come for the WHOLE retreat.

If you're wondering if you might fall into that category, have you practiced yoga with our group (either on the Monday class or the Wednesday class) twice in the past two months?  If so and you can stay for the entire retreat then you can now register for the retreat now.

How do I register?  Peter is co-ordinate registration and will be taking payment for the retreat.  Here is Peter's direct email address:  [email protected]

Space is limited to 30 men as overnight guests, so save your place and register early.

Everything is optional (well almost).  You can choose to do as little or as much with the groups as you would like.  You might want to try a particular session that we are having, maybe a massage trade with one of the guys that are there with you, read a book in the hammock, play in the river. It's up to you.

What is mandatory is that this will be an alcohol and drug free event.

Why? We hope for the opportunity to grow and learn in this retreat, form long lasting bonds and foster brotherhood.  Alcohol and drugs impair our ability to do these things meaningfully and our ability to be present.

This will also be an electronic free weekend.  Please plan to leave ALL electronic devises in your car.  Do you want to read a book?  Bring paper.

Like drugs and alcohol, electronic devises take our focus away from what is right in front of us and impairs our ability to be present with those around us.

Questions - just ask!

What we will do ...

It will be a weekend filled with yoga,
tantra workshops, nutritious meals, fun and beautifully naked men! 
  • There will be the opportunity to practice yoga several times a day.
  • We work as a team together to prepare nutritious meals.
  • Some of us chose to engage in spiritually centered planned activities.
  • Most of us meditated and observe quite time (no speaking) each day.
  • You will have a choice it you would like to engage in tantric exploration.
  • There will be the opprotunuty to do nothing and just enjoy each other’s company.
What  does this cost ?
As we are a not for profit group, we use the money that we collect at the door each week to pay the space rent.  We (the instructors) don't take any dollars for our time commitment. 
We sponsored most of the cost for the weekend retreat  For men that practice with us regularly, the cost is $75.00 for the ENTIRE retreat.  For men that don't get the opportunity to practice with us regularly, the cost is $150.00 for the ENTIRE retreat.  This is inclusive of all food, snacks, and lodging.

Registration is limited to 30 men.   Men that practice with us regularly will be offered the retreat opportunity first.  Men that don't have the opportunity to practice with us regularly will be offered the opportunity to be a part of this retreat. 
When can men that don't practice regularly with the group or can't stay for the whole weekend register?
July 14 - July 28 is open registration for men that REGULARLY practice yoga with the group and can stay for the entire retreat.
July 29 - August 16th  opens registration to the men that don't practice with us regularly and can stay for the entire retreat.

What if I can't come for the whole retreat time, but want to come for part of it?  We will look at how many registrations for the entire retreat we are getting as the retreat date grows closer, making a decision on whether or not to open to the retreat to men that can't come for the entire retreat as we have that information.

Why?  When we gather as a cohesive group, that group of men begins to form bonds.  When people come and go, the energy in a group can change dramatically. 

Many of the workshops we will do together at the retreat build on each other.  We learn and experience then take that leaning and experience to the next level.  This is very difficult to maintain when new people arrive and others are leaving.

To see when registration opens and find out current status of how many spots are left, join our Meetup group:

On Meetup you can also join the discussion threads.  We look forward to being with you for this wonderous adventure,