Come and see who we are and what we are all about

The current version of Men's Nude Yoga here in Asheville was started by Ed Racicot, Luz Rosengren, Peter Phillips and Garrell Bevirt out of need.  We all wanted to do nude yoga and no-one in Asheville was leading up a nude yoga group.  So we started one.
Now into our fourth year of serving the men of the greater WNC area, we remain as excited about the direction of the group as when we started it. 
Shed your clothes and your inhibitions and join us for men's nude yoga in a safe and judgement free space. 
What is Nude Yoga?
 We have created a peer led yoga class where all the adult male participants and the instructor are nude. Non-sexual nudity with other men helps us to explore joyous physical embodiment, thereby removing cultural barriers to positive self-image. 
What to expect
On Monday afternoon classes doors open at 12:15 and doors close at 12:30.  There is about 50 minutes of yoga.  Class ends at 1:20 - the space must be cleared by 1:30.

On Wedensday evening classes. once the doors close at 6:45 the flow will be roughly 50 minutes of yoga before the  post yoga activity starts.   Most post yoga activities last about 45 minutes to an hour. 
On Wednesday night classes only, for those that would like to stay after the yoga has ended, one of the core leads will  lead us through a spiritually centered activity.  One week a month we go out to eat as a group after the yoga flow. 
If we do Touch Practice, what is it?  What an awesome, powerful thing touch is. Without touch, the human heart aches and the soul withers. So powerful and essential is touch for humans that studies have shown that not only will a baby fail to thrive without touch, babies will actually die if they are not regularly touched.
Just as infants need touch for their neurological development, so do we. Basic human need does not disappear as we grow older, but many of us do not get regular caring touch. Touch is essential for our physical wellbeing, our emotional vitality, and our spiritual health.
So join us for Touch Practice where we will explore the power of touch, in a completely Non-Sexual, safe, and guided way. There will be a full explanation of the event at the beginning of the practice this evening.  It will be a completely guided event that allows us to experience the power of touch in a safe and sacred way, leaving this practice with the positive knowledge that you are a beautiful, cherished man.  The power of touch is transformative
  Your body is divine!   All men (18+) are welcome, regardless of yoga experience level, body type or sexual orientation.

Now some Q&A and logistics:
I don’t have a lot of experience with yoga; will this class be too hard for me?  One of the beautiful things about yoga is, yoga is all about what you can do at this moment.  Not how flexible the person next to you is, but rather what you can do with that pose at that moment.  It might take years for you to get to the pose of your desire, but today this is what I can do.  That said, all levels are welcome as we are all working on our poses.  Just honor what your body is telling you and don’t go past that point. 

What if I get an erection?  Not to worry, it happens.  By virtue of our culture, we sometimes feel shame in our naked bodies, how they look and what they do.  Being proud, loving, and accepting of our bodies and what they naturally do takes some re-learning.  With that said, usually once the flow starts there is enough physical exertion that the erection doesn’t last. 
What to bring:  Water, a towel, your Yoga mat and your beautiful energy.  Since this is nude yoga, there will not be mats available to share, so please bring one.   
Our yoga room is a shared sacred space. Please arrive clean and remove your shoes before you sign in.   There is a bathroom at the space, but not a shower.
Cost for the class is $10.00 - $15.00  sliding scale. Don't be late for the class as once the class starts there will not be any further admittance. The space will hold about 35 participants.
How to find us:  To get to where the yoga will be held you enter the door to the far right of the Coop store (don’t go in the store, it is the doorway to the far right on the outside of the building – the door that says co-ops administrative offices on it).  Through the door there is a stairway that takes you to the second floor.  The yoga will be in the big room at the top of the stairs.
Parking:  remember that traffic and parking downtown can be unpredictable.  Leave yourself extra time for both (as you can’t be late for the class).  Use the structured parking at ALoft, it is just across the street.  I believe the cost is $2.00 for two hours at ALoft.
Asheville is a dynamic community – Please join us for peer-led, nude yoga for men in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment.   Come and shed both your clothes and inhibitions in this men's only journey in the spirituality that is achieved with regular yoga practice.