Asheville Nude Yoga

August 17-19, 2018 will be our annual retreat weekend...

For those of us that attended last years retreat, it was a weekend that keeps coming into our minds, reminding us that a community that fosters brotherhood is vital for our emotional wellbeing as Men.

A gift back to the men in our yoga community. 

Last years retreat was wonderous!!
The last few years the Men's Nude Yoga Retreat took  place at Dancing Shiva, a neighborhood within Earthaven Ecovillage near Black Mountain North Carolina. 
The spot was chosen for both its scenic beauty and its seclusion as it afforded us the opportunity to be nude without reserve.
Men begin to gather on Friday.  We share our meals, our thougths, brotherhood and our love for each other, closing on Sunday with a deeper sense of  understaning and appreciation of each other. 

2018 Retreat is scheduled for  August 17 - 19th. 
What we will do ...
  • There will be the opportunity to practice yoga several times a day.
  • We work as a team together to prepare nutritious meals.
  • Some of us chose to engage in spiritually centered planned activities.
  • Most of us meditated and observe quite time (no speaking) each day.
  • You will have a choice it you would like to engage in tantric exploration.
  • There will be the opprotunuty to do nothing and just enjoy each other’s company.
What  does this cost ?
As we are a not for profit group, we use the money that we collect at the door each week to pay the space rent.  We (the instructors) don't take any dollars for our time commitment. 
We sponsored most of the cost for the weekend retreat for our regular attendeed of class.  Cost wil be $75.00 per person for the three day, two night workshop.  This is all inclusive, room, meals and all activities.

If you are not a regular attendeed of our weekly practice you are still more than welcome to come and share brotherhood with us. 

The cost for men that are not regular attendees of the weekly class is $150.00 per person for the three day workshop.  This is all inclusive, room, meals and all activities.

Registration was and will be limited to 30 men.   Men that practice with us regularly will be offered the retreat opportunity first.  Men that don't have the opportunity to practice with us regularly will be offered the opportunity to be a part of this retreat. 

To see when registration opens and find out current status of how many spots are left, join our Meetup group:

On Meetup you can also join the discussion threads.  We look forward to being with you for this wonderous adventure,